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Just as the care of patients in the ICU, the care delivery or physician administrative model for ICU's is complex.  Achieving the desired outcomes when implementing an Intensivist Program require the support of a solid infrastructure and understanding of the hospital's objectives for not only the ICU patients but all patients.  Aligning the executive leadership, medical staff and bedside clinicians can be a challenge when the parties are evaluating care delivery from different perspectives and with different concerns. 


The Intensivist Company provides support to hospitals and physicians in developing an Intensivist Model that leads to successfull implementation, driven by evidence based practice and measured by improving patient outcomes.



Critical Care Opportunity Assessment

Quality and Economic Improvement Opportunity Analysis

  • Critical Care Physician Billing Pro Forma
  • Apache Database Benchmarking of Acuity
  • Operational and Cultural Readiness Assessment

Assessement of Staff and Cultural Receptivity

Development of Program Implementation Strategy


Intensivist Implementation (click to see success story)


While the case for intensivist programs is compelling few hospitals have succeed in building this model of coverage.  It remains an implementation challenge for the majoriety of hospitals in the United States (75%).  Intensivist Consulting brings to bear the experience of a team that has assisted 100's of hospitals develop a successful implementation blueprint.

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