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Intensivist Consulting provides support to hospitals and physicians in developing an Intensivist model that leads to successful implementation. The company is driven by evidence-based best practice guidelines and success is measured by improved patient outcomes and increased revenue.

Tom Rainey, MD, FCCM serves as the Director of Consulting at The Intensivist Company. His broad range of experience and involvement in Critical Care extends from the ICU bedside to leadership in national organizations and policy determining bodies.

Consultations consist of in-depth and distinct components scaled for each project.  Most projects begin with an initial analysis of the current ICU, a financial analysis, and an operational analysis of ICU flow/throughput. These three major components of our consulting package may also include services such as:

  • Critical care opportunity assessment
  • Quality and economic improvement opportunity analysis
  • Critical care physician billing pro forma
  • Apache Database benchmarking of acuity
  • Operational and cultural readiness assessment
  • Assessment of staff and cultural receptivity, including in-depth interviews with hospital staff
  • Development of program implementation strategies
A growing body of knowledge supports Intensivists in an ICU setting. Care delivery for critically ill patients is highly complex, yet over 75% of hospitals in the United States fail to meet safety standards for ICU Physician Staffing (IPS) established by The Leapfrog Group in 2001. This frequently results in a multitude of unintended consequences, including fragmented care, conflicting physician orders, delays in care, and lack of patient ownership.

The Intensivist model has become the standard of care in many other developed countries in the management of ICU patients. In the United States the Intensivist model remains an implementation challenge due to physician shortages, inadequate funding, and cultural readiness. These are all challenges for hospitals moving forward with Intensivist programs. Intensivist Consulting understands these challenges and brings not only the clinical experience but operational knowledge and implementation expertise to accelerate the development of Intensivist programs. 

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